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Speed Monitor

We supply a variety of control systems to suit a wide range of applications on many types of cranes.

For AC cranes with slipring induction motors:‐

  • Plain rotor resistance control.
  • Solid state accelerator / speed control for travels.
  • "Rotormaster" speed control for hoists.
  • 4 Quadrant solid state speed control for hoists and travels.

For AC cranes with squirrel cage induction motors:‐

  • Single speed direct on line starters.
  • Dual speed, basic control.
  • Dual speed, controlled speed-up and / or slow down.
  • 4 Quadrant solid state speed control for hoists and travels.

For DC cranes with series field motors:‐

  • Plain series resistance control.
  • Diverter resistance speed control.
  • Series hoisting / potentiometer lowering with dynamic braking control for hoists.

In addition to the systems above, we can in many cases upgrade your existing control system to provide better performance, or to enable the inclusion of radio control.

Typical applications using our equipment are:‐

  • Interface control panels to enable control via radio, but also via original cab control system - AC or DC cranes in steelworks etc.
  • PLC based control systems, incorporating full sequence interlocking for crane to crane hoist transfer facility.
  • Full PLC control with diagnostics, for grabbing cranes.
  • Crane "Zoning" and positional control.
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